About the workshop:

This workshop is a detailed introduction to architectural photography through theory and practice by a professional photographer. This program offers to the interested photographers and architects, basic knowledge, basic conceptual and technical tools that will enable them to develop their practice.

Through lectures and practical exercises lasting 60 hours, you will be familiar with photo-taking techniques and the necessary equipment for creating indoor and outdoor architectural photos. You will learn and use the image tools used in architectural photography – from Lightroom and Photoshop – and you will be introduced into the practice of processing photo architectures, which is necessary to create a concise and robust documentation of a building

Workshop themes:

  • History of architectural photography
  • Photo architectural equipment: flexible machine, tilt-shift special lenses, focal lenses, DSLR, suitable tripods, tripod heads, remote releases, filters, batteries etc
  • Taking techniques: perspective, converging vertical states, camera stops, composition and configuration
  • DSLR Settings for Architectural Photography: RAW, shutter speed, aperture, ISO sensitivity, exposure, bracketing for image overlay, seams
  • Photographing of buildings, interiors, archaeological sites, neoclassical buildings, modern buildings etc
  • Night shooting
  • Panoramic photography
  • Photographic documentation of an exterior or interior of a building, photo editing after a photo using Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Photo evaluation and selection – portfolio

Workshop Details:

Dates and Time: Nov 6, 2020 (Monday and Thursday 18:00 – 22:15)
Duration: 60 hours
Price: 420 €
Instructors: Vassilis Makris, Manos Lykakis