This seminar is designed for amateur photographers who want to acquire a structured theoretical and technical basis in Artistic Portrait.

The seminar lasts 16 hours.

Seminar themes:

  • Theoretical approach to the visual portrait. Historical routes of photographic portraiture to date. From Nadar to Richard Avedon.
  • Communicating techniques with the model.
  • Psychology of a portrait.
  • Technical issues and equipment. Lenses, lights, backgrounds, etc.
  • Lighting Techniques and practice in Modern Portrait. Main light, Fill light, Back light, Background light, etc
  • Practical application with a model.

What you should now:
You should have a solid understanding of your camera controls and features.

Attendance is limited to 15 maximum

Seminar Details:

Dates and Time: We accept applications for the next seminar. The new opening and closing dates will be announced soon (19:00 – 22:15)
Duration: 16 hours
Price: 150 €
Instructor: Stavros Andriotis