This workshop is designed for those who want to make their first contact with the magic of the darkroom and learn the basic principles of film and black and white printing.

This intensive workshop is offered by Leica Academy in its fully-equipped darkroom, and participants will have the chance to experience the magic of the dark room  and analogue photography.

The program is as follows:

  1. Introduction to black and white film developing process.
  2. Introduction to black and white negative printing process.
  3. Contact printing process.
  4. Create a photogram.
  5. Printing with masks.
  6. Overexposure and under exposure printings.
  7. Final Prints

This 30 hours workshop is implemented in small groups.

Each participant will use its own enlarger (Focomat).

The darkroom materials (chemicals and papers) are covered by the lab.

Instructor: Michalis Patsouras

Attendance is limited to 15 maximum.


Workshop Details:

Dates and Time: We accept applications for the next seminar. The new opening and closing dates will be announced soon. (Friday 18:00 – 22:15, Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 15:00)
Duration: 18 hours
Price: 180 €
Instructor: Michalis Patsouras