Program Information

Professional Photography is a two-year program that trains students to become professional photographers. It offers a balanced mix of theory and practice in aesthetics, photographic and video technique, digital imaging and printing and the business of photography.

Students receive professional training in editorial, advertising and documentary photography as well as portrait, fashion photography, still life photography, architectural photography. Facilities are available to students including library, fully equipped studio, computer lab for digital imaging and printing, and of course B-W and color lab.

The academic year is divided into two terms, with an intersession in February. Each term, students register for a series of 15-week courses including workshops.  Students should expect to spend 20 hours in the class-room weekly.

All courses are taught in Greek.

Basic directions of curriculum


The photographic image has greater power than words. The use of photography in general news affects our perception of the various events that we see daily. With photo recording historical moments. Through the news media, viewers are transported to different places and times and understand the historical events with more objectivity. What mainly targeted photo journalism is to convey the facts, present the true facts of life without compromises and distortions.

Documentary Photography

Social Documentary photography is a style of photography that provides a straightforward and accurate representation of people, places, objects and events, and is often used in reportage.

This course is designed to provide students with the historical and contextual framework required to engage in critical thinking and develop their social concern in documentary photography.  Their work raises questions of the documentary role of the photograph today and offers alternative ways of seeing, recording and understanding the events and situations that shape the world in which we live.

Portraiture and Social Events

The portraits photographing people or groups of people, usually in the studio. They are also skilled photographers covering a variety of social events such as weddings, baptisms, school events, receptions, awards, etc. Part of their job is and outdoor photography. The old portraits are renowned for their great skill in retouching. Today, the entrance of a computer has simplified this technique.

Advertising Photography

The Advertising photography is a specialty that works in the tough competition of commercial photography. The photographer turns all theoretical and practical skills, uses his talent and experience to produce professional photos. Creates images for advertising agencies, magazine and participates in advertising campaigns.

Still Life Photography

Still Life Photographer captures fixed objects, mostly industrial products such as flowers, food, etc. It uses flexible cameras with digital back and has a great knowledge of the techniques of lighting. It also has great skills and imaginative composition, so images to attract the interest of consumers. Working for advertising agencies, magazines, etc.

Architecture-interiors Photography

Architectural photography records art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures. The overall environment of construction and interior and exterior detailing. Particular emphasis gives the photographer the creative use of space, volume, shadows, lighting, materials, furniture, texture, functionality and other facts that form the overall aesthetics of any architectural project. Also, special ability of the photographer to be able to bring out the artistic and cultural value, and the political symbolism of works photographed.

Fashion Photography

This photographic application aims to show clothes and other beauty items, having developed own aesthetics for fashion magazines, and product catalogs. The term fashion is used as a way of expressing a particular era. The fashion changes very quickly by the laws of the market. Most often the changes are aimed at opening markets rather than for better functionality and utility to the consumers. Also, the term fashion is synonymous with beauty, love, style. Thus, a prerequisite for the fashion photographer is the deep knowledge of developments in the area of this industry and the various factors that influence the changes. For example, the clothes we wear, some people plan ahead for us, and the photographer’s job is to photograph in such a way that charms us to buy them.

”Each new generation laughs at the fashion of the past, but follows religiously the new one”_ Henry David Thoreau

Digital Photography

Digital photography opens new horizons to contemporary photographer, provides speed, accuracy and complete control of the image through the computer. If we add to these minimum cost consumables and enables the rapid delivery of photos via the internet, then we know that the digital image is an important milestone in the history of photography.

Digital Imaging and Printing

In order for a photographer to take advantage of the benefits of digital photography needs the ease handle of Photoshop and all the image editing programs. A good knowledge of these programs offers the photographer to easily and quickly in order to perform photographic work to date require a lot of time and very expensive equipment. So much of what until now had to be done at the time of making or time of printing in the darkroom; today they are in front of the computer.

Street Photography

This course is designed to teach the students the different approaches of making images, while at the same time, with the guidance of their instructor students will learn how to photograph people in public places. It is also very important that the students will develop their awareness and anticipation by exploring and receiving feedback on various ways to work in public.

Introduction to Videography

This introductory course is designed to get you started on the path to creating more dynamic videos with your DSLR or with your video camera.

It will give you knowledge needed for shooting in virtually any situation. We will teach you the basics of using exposure, choosing proper frame size and frame rate, focusing and stabilization techniques, audio recording, and much more to help you make the most of your camera’s video mode.

This lesson will focus on the use of DSLR’s for recording video and video cameras.