The main goal of the workshops and seminars organized by Leica Akademie Athens is the professional training through theory and practice. This training teaches the participants the art and the techniques of photography with continuous photographic applications.

After the completion of each photographic application, the trainees, with the guidance of their instructors, they process their images and they are evaluated by professional criteria.

At Leica Akademie, we share knowledge through exclusive and innovative photographic applications in order the trainees achieve the highest level in professional photography.


All seminars belong to the Global Leica Akademie Diploma

How to use your Camera

Dates: Jan 17, 2020, for three consecutive Fridays. (15 teaching hours)

Lightroom Classic 2020

Dates: Jan 13, 2020 for four consecutive days (20 teaching hours).

Photoshop 1

Dates: Feb, 26, 2020, for four consecutive Wednesdays (20 hours)

Photoshop advanced

Dates: Jan 15, 2020 – for five consecutive Wednesdays (25 teaching hours)