Frequently Asked Questions

Leica Akademie implements the most modern professional photography curriculum with high tech equipment, experienced teachers and established professional photographers.
There is always dynamic creativity in everyday operation with many activities for the students.

Leica Akademie is the only technical school in Greece specializing exclusively in professional photography. Hundreds of graduates from Leica Akademie have gone on to great careers in professional photography in Greece and abroad over the last 27 years which makes us extremely proud.

It is close to downtown Athens, located in a very quiet area with large green spaces. It has a pleasant and friendly environment.

We hope you will join us soon.

Yes, we think the most appropriate way to get a feeling for Leica Akademie is to pay a visit to our School.

Every September and October, we welcome students and their families to visit us. Examine the facilities and discuss with teachers and school counselors.

You can visit Leica Akademie any day ,if you first book ( by phone ) an appointment to welcome you, for the necessary guided tour by the teachers

The Leica Akademie is easily accessible from Agios Ioannis Metro Station and trolley 4 from Kypseli – Agios Ioannis Trolley.

For your registration at Leica Akademie you must submit a photocopy of a police ID or passport, a high school diploma photocopy and four passport size color photographs.

Class size is limited to 14 students.

DSLR Camera with standard focal lenght lens or with zoom lens and camera batteries
Memory cards, card reader and USB stick
Portable flash for his camera
Camera bag for safe transport of your equipment
Computer at home or Laptop able to support Lightroom – Photoshop and VIDEO programs

For the Darkroom lesson, students will need a uniform and plastic gloves.

Each semester, students will need to print their selected photos and submit them to portfolios. Also, cd’s, dvd’s and usb sticks are needed in the everyday life in the Academy.

Tuition fees for the academic year 2020 – 2021 is 4,000 euros.

Tuition fees include:

Books and notes of all lessons
Darkroom materials. (chemicals, papers, films)
Materials for the Drawing-Color course

For more information regarding the way of payment , please contact the administration at 210 7525328.

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Union Pay.

5% discount for tuition fees paid in advance.

Please call us at 210 7525328. We suggest you call us before leaving home.

A portfolio consists of 10–15 images of your work (digital and print formats accepted) that best represent your current photographic skill level.