A brief history of Leica Akademie Athens

Leica Akademie began to consolidate its operations in 1990 in collaboration with the LEICA AKADEMIE of Germany, which provided us with technical support and with its 60 years of experience in the training of creative photography.  The contribution of Mr. Wolfgang Muller, former President of Leica Camera ,encouraged us by offering his undivided assistance, and was a  paramount importance to the creation of Leica Akademie in Athens.

Leica Akademie at first organized successfully, specialized seminars and workshops exclusively for Leica users and professional photographers. The list of requirements for our specialization led to the organization of a technical school with the aim of offering a training course responsive to the raising needs of the new technological era in the field of photography. Since then, Leica Akademie continues to operate with great success by providing modern professional training to young ambitious people who aspire to careers in the creative professional field of photography and offering special seminars and workshops to Leica users.

Leica Akademie is located downtown Athens, in a 5-floor building with fully organized modern classrooms, library, reading rooms, gallery, well-equipped studios and laboratories with high tech equipment . Leica Akademie’s digital image processing lab is accompanied by scanners and high quality printers.

Leica Akademie in Athens is committed to providing excellence in photographic training within a pleasant and stimulating environment.