This seminar is designed for professional photographers who are wishing to gain knowledge on photographing works of art, paintings and sculptures.

The participants will learn the technical aspect of photographing works of art, get a better understanding of the needed equipment and learn ways of shooting a variety of artworks not only in theory but also in studio and on location.

All the participants should have a very good knowledge of photography and digital photo processing (Photoshop and Capture One).

Wednesday 15/1/2020: 3hrs

  • Introduction to photographing works of art
  • Equipment (cameras, lenses, lighting: studio flash, tungsten- color checker)
  • How to build a trusted relationship with the art world

Friday 17/1/2020: 5hrs

  • Case Study I: Shooting a painting on a canvas
  • Case Study II: Shooting a book
  • Case Study III: Shooting works on a single page, watercolor, drawing

Monday 20/1/2020: 4hrs

  • Case Study IV: Shooting a sculpture in studio on a colorama

Wednesday 22/1/2020: 4hrs

  • Case Study V: Shooting a sculpture on location (in a gallery space)

Friday 24/1/2020: 3 hrs

Photo processing, color correction, color profiles, color checker, screen calibration

Seminar Details:

Dates and Time: We accept applications for the next seminar. The new opening and closing dates will be announced soon. (20 hours)
Course hours: 3 – hours lesson 18:00 – 20:45, 4 – hours lesson 18:00 – 21:30
Price: 170 €
Instructor: Helen Kollatou