Target Audience;

The seminar is aimed at those who are already familiar with Photoshop basics and want to go deeper into the editing techniques of this program.

They can be attended by those who already know the basic tools and have a relatively good knowledge of Photoshop (ideally they have attended the first course of the Photoshop seminar)

The seminar lasts 25 hours and is divided into five courses

Seminar themes:

  • Layers
  • Layer masks
  • Curves
  • Blending modes with examples


  • Face and skin retouch (specialized techniques)
  • Liquify tool (for face and body)
  • Burning and dodging via layer
  • Plug-ins
  • Pen tool


  • Smart Objects and Smart Filters
  • Sharpening and Clarity techniques through Layers
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) techniques
    Focus Stacking Techniques
  • Image composition (editing)
  • Color management – theory and application
  • Photo Architecture Corrections
  • Color management – theory and application
  • Adaptive wide angle tool


  • Image composition (editing)
  • Special techniques of color and tonic correction
  • Monitor calibration and color control of prints


Start – Seminar Duration: We accept applications for the next seminar. The new opening and closing dates will be announced soon (25 teaching hours)
Course hours: 18:00 – 22:15
Cost of seminar: 210 €
Seminar lecturer: Manos Lykakis