This masterclass is designed for photographers who want to expand their knowledge of studio portraiture to a professional level. The aim of this intense masterclass is to creatively demonstrate the use of studio lighting in portraiture in order to create pictures at a high standard for professional use in the editorial and advertising industry.

Participants should have a good understanding of the use of their camera equipment.

Participants will be offered the opportunity to shoot with high end studio lighting equipment practicing their creativity on models with professional makeup at the end of the workshop. The aim is the production of a mini portfolio at the end of this intense course.

Attendance is limited to 10 maximum

Masterclass features:

  • Introduction to professional studio photography, studio setup and lighting.
  • A technical in depth analysis of studio flash lighting units and their advantages .
  • Light shapers and their use to studio portraiture, soft boxes of different shape-size, snoots, honeycomb grids, strip lights, ring flash etc.
  • Soft and hard light applications.
  • White balance and skin tone control.
  • Creative, Key light and supplementary lights.
  • Lighting setups, beauty, lightbox, backlight and more.
  • Reflectors, flags and frost screens.
  • Flash metering and lighting ratios.
  • Choosing  and controlling the background.
  • Directing and posing of your model.
  • Feathering lights and rim lighting techniques.
  • Professional portrait lighting techniques, high and low key approaches.
  • Colored gels and and mixed lighting.
  • Post production and contemporary skin retouching.

Masterclass Details:
Dates and Time: We accept applications for the next seminar. The new opening and closing dates will be announced soon (10:00 – 14:15 and 18:00 – 22:15) – Sunday (10:00 – 14:15).
Duration: 20 hours
Price: 250 €
Instructor: Panagiotis Katsos (Β.Α. Honours design for communication media photography – Manchester Metropolitan University)