Leica Akademie of Athens has published a series of publications in the field of professional photography education.

  1. The magic world of photography, by Spiros Skiadopoulos. This book is designed for beginners.
  2. Lightroom & Photoshop, by the instructor Manos Lykakis. A book considered as a valuable manual for Imaging:
  3. Introduction to Communication by Charalabos Giannacopoulos. A book introducing communication theory to the students of photography.
  4. Light Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting by Fil Hunter, Steven Biver and Paul Fuqua, translated into Greek by Spiros Skiadopoulos. A very useful tool for photographers.
  5. Basic Principles of Photojurnalism, edited by Spiros Skiadopoulos. Contributors: Charalambos Giannakopoulos, Spiros Skiadopoulos, Costas Balafas, Jeff Ascough, Aristotelis Sarrikostas, Yiannis Behrakis, Vaggelis Vardoulakis. A compilation of views, based on our long experience in the field of photojournalism.

All our publications offer the readers the opportunity to learn in depth subjects related to the social aspects, technology and art of modern photography. It is also important to mention that the Hellenic Universities of Athens and Thessaloniki use all the above publications as main textbooks in the field of photography.

Leica Akademie also is very active by publishing various photography albums of many established Greek photographers.