For prospective students

Leica Akademie continues to offer creative training in technical creative photography since 1990.

Our students, by completing the two year program they can have careers as professional photographers, with high level of technical training, artistic abilities, aesthetic and coherent view of the art of photography and its role in our everyday lives and in recording human history.

Our students attend mixed courses of theory and practice under real photographic environment, using the most modern and technologically advanced camera equipment available in the global market today.

The duration of studies is 4 semesters, and 960hrs practice in the market. Students who successfully complete their training can take part at the Pan-Hellenic Exams for Diploma with European recognition.

Our graduates are entitled to a six-month internship, which is recognized as work experience for a license to practice. We have the most extensive and modern photographic equipment in Europe and operate on strictly scientific and professional standards. Our students have access  to the best universities and technological institutes in Europe, and we advance those students who desire to continue their studies at a higher level.