This special workshop is addressed to professional photographers – and to advanced amateurs photographers, who will be trained to report and to shoot artistic events such as theater, music and dance. They will be also informed about the international and Greek “landscape” of the market. They will be trained on the photographic techniques and the necessary equipment required for these specific applications, also the methods and techniques of approaching the subject, by combining theory and practice under real conditions.

Participants are required to have a good knowledge of the basic skills of photography and sufficient knowledge of digital image processing, ( Photoshop software and especially Lightroom).

Participants requirements:  DSLR or Mirror less camera with a wider aperture as possible lens. Participants should have knowledge of processing raw files.

 First day: 4 hours (acquaintance)

  • Getting to know each other.
  • Introduction / Definition / The Story of Art Photo – Reportage.
  • Theatrical scene / Cinema scene / TV spot / Music scene.
  • The landscape of the Greek market – History / Presentation of the European and American landscape.
  • Magnum photographers in the art photography reportage / Magnum Cinema / Photo Albums.

Day 2: 4 hours (Approach)

  • Scene / Backstage / Making-of / Behind the scenes.
  • Glossary / Definitions / Rules.
  • The entertainment industry.
  • Aesthetics in artistic reportage. Theater / Opera / Dance / Music.
  • Equipment (Cameras & lenses).
  • Photo framing / Orientation. Use / Apps.
  • Movie framing. Artistic reportage – and motion picture.

Third day: 4 hours (penetration)

  • Dressing rooms / Photography of well-known faces and celebrities.
  • Getting to know the artists / Trust relationship.
  • Communication and cooperation with the actors of the production (stage managers, technicians, actors, music dancers, director, stage designer, lighting, make-up artist etc.).
  • Photographing on the stage – in the original rehearsals.
  • Photography under the scene.
  • Special techniques and methods.

Fourth day: 5 hours (real conditions)

The participants, along with the instructor, will be on a theater stage in the city of Athens(at the National Theater, or at the National Opera / SNFCF, or at the Onassis Foundation). Participants will be able to experience the special spaces (backstage scene) and the technicians of the scene, will be informed about all the peculiarities of the area, will shoot  the preparations of the artists in the dressing rooms and will complete with the rehearsal photography.

Fifth day: 3 hours (Manos Lykakis)

Explaining the capabilities of RAW files in Lightroom, especially for photos taken with marginal lighting conditions (and high ISO).

What are the capabilities and limits to improve the files after shooting.


Sixth day: 5 hours

  • Presentation / Evaluation / Reading and analysis of the resulting photographs from the actual conditions.
  • Organization of portfolios / Presentation techniques (printed and electronic)
  • Techniques and methods of approach – communication
  • Cooperation, the entertainment industry and culture.
  • Assignments / Photographic missions.

* All four-hour theory courses will be conducted with (continuous) image projection support.

If there is time – Watch CINEMA THROUGH THE EYE OF MAGNUM, by Sophie Bassaler, 2017, duration: 53 minutes.

Dates:  We accept applications for the next seminar. The new opening and closing dates will be announced soon (25 hours).
Cost: 210 euro
Instructor: Vasilis Makris