Digital filmmaking is an emerging specialisation worldwide. The revolution brought by DSLR & mirrorless cameras offers everyone the capability to be trained in moving image production.

The training program is aimed to teach professional digital filmmaking.

The programme, through the course’s subjects acquire significant skills and competence in techniques producing video projects on multiple platforms.

No previous experience in digital video is required to attend the training course.

Requirements: A DSLR or mirrorless camera recording video is required.


Technical introduction

  • Camera menu configuration.
  • ΙSO sensitivity, shutter speed, frames per second(FPS).
  • High definition video production.
  • Basic and expertise equipment. Lenses& camera accessories.


Script development

  • Idea & synopsis
  • Script format
  • Scenes, dialogue and action.
  • Storyboard and script beats.



  • Composition
  • Blocking (actor’s movement)
  • Special screening and analysis.


Basic principles of filmmaking

  • Filming an interview (hands on training)
  • Camera movements
  • 100 techniques to make your film look professional.


Direction of photography

  • Subject, foreground and background.
  • Depth of field and cinematic style
  • Color temperature& additional lighting.


Dates and Time: We accept applications for the next seminar. The new opening and closing dates will be announced soon (Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 18:00 – 22:15)
Duration: 30 hours
Price: 220 €
Instructor: Yorgos Delis (Director filmmaker – Leeds Metropolitan University – Bachelor of Arts Film and Moving Image Production)