Master Class in Fashion Photography is a fast-track workshop that offers participants the ability to acquire knowledge and skills capable of performing fashion photography by giving them the special aesthetic aspect of daytime lighting plus flash studios.
The main objective of this workshop is to provide specialized training to participants to expand their professional background.
Participants will learn to create images of distinct quality and absolute control of the lighting effect.
They will still learn how to work with all partners in a photographic production. (models-stylists-hairdressers-makers, etc.). They will also learn how to implement the necessary Casting, and reperage for the needs of their photography.

Participants will complete two shootings on a Saturday morning and one in the afternoon at different locations. Photographs will be performed under the supervision of stylist, makeup artist and hair styling by prominent professionals in the field.

The choice of models will be made by the best-known agencies in fashion.

The program includes:

  • Using studio flash battery packs.
  • Digital lenses and media formats.
  • Thanks to synchronous radioslaves hss.
  • First, second curtain sync.
  • Light illumination under mixed light conditions.
  • Tethered shooting on location.
  • Battery monoblock e-flash.
  • Ringflash combined with daylight.
  • Classic day for night lighting.
  • Optional orientation in the reception of mixed lighting.
  • Post processing and workflow management.

Necessary equipment: DSLR digital camera with flash connector and a portable flash.
Knowledge level: Basic digital photography and knowledge of your camera features.
The workshop is implemented with state of the art professional equipment.

At the end of the course all participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Workshop Details:

Dates and Time: We accept applications for the next seminar. The new opening and closing dates will be announced soon. (25 teaching hours)
Instructor: Panagiotis Katsos